$3010 and climbing! You can help!

$3010?! Comic Rocket is 60% funded on Indiegogo! Let’s go for 75% by Monday!

Comic Rocket has raised $3010 so far. But there are only 12 days left! Help us reach 75% in the next 2 days!!

I asked “how much is Comic Rocket is worth to you” and a bunch of you responded. We crushed our goal of getting to 50% in 3 days. Now let’s blast into a higher orbit! $3,750 by Monday night. Is it possible?

Donate to our Indiegogo campaign and show us! There is no such thing as a donation that’s too small! We will love you all forever!

As I mentioned before, every crowd-funding campaign and every site that hosts them has that certain crew that waits around to see what others do before jumping in themselves. They love a winner, everyone does. And momentum is the key.

Thing is, we know you like reading free webcomics with Comic Rocket. You’re reading this note! But we have to make the site work on mobile devices before we can move on to all the other really cool things we want to do with it! Comic Rocket will get even better! Promise!

And so, we now aim for that 3/4 point. Another tricky milestone. Another stage of our launch. Help fuel our passion and yours!

Meanwhile, I still have to ask:

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