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Comic Rocket has raised $2210 but we only have 12 days left! Help us reach 50% in the next 3 days!

How much is Comic Rocket worth to you?!

If you like reading free webcomics with Comic Rocket, you should help us out with our Indiegogo campaign. No donation is too small, and every bit gets us closer to our goal.

There are a couple of trends common to all crowd-funding campaigns: a bunch of people wait around till the last moment to contribute and many people only want to contribute to campaigns that are succeeding–everyone likes a winner!

That’s why we want to get to our halfway point. We need more momentum, more fuel for the Rocket!

We at Comic Rocket want to make every change and implement every suggestion that you the reader demand. But we won’t get to any of them until after we fix this one outstanding feature.

Now I understand, you like free stuff. We all do! But making Comic Rocket free for you is not free for us. We have a million things to do and so few people to do them.

And frankly, success in our crowd-funding would offer us a little bit of vindication, a little pat on the back that we’re doing a good job.

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