13 webcomic creators list webcomics you should know

A week ago I asked Twitter:

Who in webcomics do you think really deserves more attention than they get?

Webcomic creators offered great answers, demonstrating that webcomic creators love reading webcomics just as much as the rest of us do!

The most comprehensive answer came from webcomic creator Chris Williams:

oh god, everyone imo

I can’t argue with that! But let’s have some more specific answers, shall we? Every one of these respondents creates their own great comics too. I’ve linked their names to their credits on Comic Rocket, so check out their comics as well.

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Drew Pocza offered several suggestions:

  • Gorilla Brigade: “this guy is one is my all time favs…”
  • Infectious: “and this is some solid stuff by @eric_merced”

We hadn’t indexed Eric Merced’s “Infectious” at the time, but now Eric has claimed his new Comic Rocket listing. In the ensuing discussion Drew wrote, “The @mycomicrocket peoples are good peoples! Online and in real life.” Thanks for that, Drew, and I look forward to seeing you again at your next convention!

Dave Barrack suggested Superbitch! by Kennedy Cooke-Garza, saying, “I recently discovered @SuperbitchComic and really enjoyed it. :)” (Kennedy’s response: “D’aww :D”)

Cory Kerr suggested Ryan Lee/Chris Meeuwes, of The Naturals.

Frank Esparza said, “I’m debating between @fredrin and @kevinbolk… both?” Both!

Tomb Svalborg wrote, “I highly recommend Just Another Sheep. It got beautiful art and amazing writing.”

Rori suggested her sometimes-collaborator Gibson Twist‘s comic: “I’m a bit biased, but Pictures of You is 5 BOOKS in and still a consistantly interesting drama (w/ comedy).” Another creator, Kathy Catlin, added: “Yes. Also [Rori’s] Tiny Pink Robots. I’m also biased, but I do enjoy these comics! Jeez, there’s tons more…”

Luke Foster nominated “Alina Pete, who does the webcomic Weregeek.” I said she’s great at conventions too, and Luke responded, “She’s one of the best con and comics buddies I have. :-)”

Paddy Johnston commented, “I would say @granulac and @badmachinery.” That’s

Michael Spanier said of his Pale Dog Studios collaborator Melissa Albino‘s comic Lighter than Heir: “I honestly believe that http://lighterthanheir.com by @nalem doesn’t get near enough love.”

Mark Shallow said, “Me? but seriously.. [John Troutman]’s been around as long as I have and tends to be not often talked about”. John has… a lot of comics for you to check out, but try Mary Elizabeth’s Sock or his new comic, The Gospel of Carol.

Charles Crapo recommends:

Sam Boyd says:

  • “See very little talk about Fanfyria and it’s pretty fun.”
  • “Also, Star Power seems like a pretty solid one that’s starting up.”