Month: February 2012

February Top 15 Webcomics

Starting this month Comic Rocket is posting our Top 15 Most Visited Webcomics List, employing an actual rocket scientist to the task. While a large part of our methodology is secret sauce, it involves linear regression and traffic estimates based on real world data of many sorts. We’ve gathered information on the most popular and …

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New to Comic Rocket: Sam & Lilah

If you’ve seen our Google+ or Facebook feeds you’ll notice we’re following webcomics collective Act-i-vate. It’s mostly because they’re some long-time comic pros and webcomic-ers led by veteran Dean Haspiel. But also because they’ve become more um…active…in their promotions lately. Most importantly though they have good comics. Sam & Lilah is one of them. The …

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Delilah Dirk concludes

Tony Cliff’s beautifully-drawn comic Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant concluded yesterday. While I would love to see where these characters go next, Cliff wrapped up the story in a very satisfying way. Now would be a great time to read this 160-page comic, while waiting for whatever its creator comes up with next… Update: …

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Serial Serialists: Evan Dahm

This is the beginning of an ongoing series spotlighting serial serialists–creators that can’t stop making comics. It is not uncommon for artists and writers to start a digital series and stop. Doing regular comic work on a schedule is difficult at best: it rarely pays for itself, you have to market yourself, plus unless and …

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Another webcomicker goes full-time

Sam Logan, creator of the webcomic “Sam and Fuzzy”, announced yesterday that the magazines that provided half his income have folded. As a result, he’s going full-time as a webcomic artist. Details are in the news section of the most recent strip. Personally, I think Sam and Fuzzy is hugely underappreciated. The comic appears to …

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One MILLION Dollars

Congratulations to Rich Burlew and Order of the Stick, whose Kickstarter campaign passed one million dollars in pledges yesterday! You have until Tuesday, February 21st, if you want to join the fun. Edit: Kickstarter has now posted an interview with Rich Burlew.

Happy Birthday, Webcomics

(Originally appearing in TRIPWIRE #55 published August, 2011. Reprinted with permission.) When I told the internet recently that I was researching the 25-year history of online comics, people tried to correct me on the typo. That was no typo: webcomics really have been around that long. As someone who’s been drawing webcomics for over ten …

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