February Top 15 Webcomics

Starting this month Comic Rocket is posting our Top 15 Most Visited Webcomics List, employing an actual rocket scientist to the task. While a large part of our methodology is secret sauce, it involves linear regression and traffic estimates based on real world data of many sorts. We’ve gathered information on the most popular and most read comics from many different sources including aggregators and communities. The comics are ranked by how many unique visitors we estimate each comic gets on their update days and the list reflects return traffic or subscriptions as well.


  1. MS Paint Adventures
  2. xkcd
  3. Order of the Stick
  4. Questionable Content
  5. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
  6. Gunnerkrigg Court
  7. Oglaf
  8. Dresden Codak
  9. Penny Arcade
  10. ctrl+alt+delete
  11. Hark! A Vagrant
  12. Digger
  13. Girl Genius
  14. The Perry Bible Fellowship
  15. Girls With Slingshots

Because our list takes into account data besides just traffic there may be some omissions. Comics may be left off of our list for a number of reasons even if they might rank on it. For example, if no verifiable data was available for a comic’s traffic claims they will not have made it into our calculations. We invite site owners and comic creators to email us their data for possible inclusion in future lists.