Webcomics in the News

With a nod to the Brits at Bleeding Cool who wake up 8 hours before we do, here’s an article about Zach Weiner who does Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It’s from Silicon Alley Insider which is one of the so-called Business Insider verticals (a fancy term for websites they took over, something we used to call channels during Web 1.0).

Where was I? Oh yeah… SMBC is a daily webcomic that ranks #5 on Comic Rocket’s February Top 15. With daily traffic around 200-250k visits that should give you a nice idea of how online comics are starting to settle in. Weiner reports the unsurprising fact that most of his revenue comes from ads but that he’s moving over to selling merchandise because it’s “more reliable.” The surprising part? He’s not only making a living with a webcomic, he’s actually hired an assistant.

NEWSFLASH If you want to make it in webcomics, work at it really hard for ten years.