Unshelved, the library webcomic, now on Comic Rocket!

I’m really pleased to report that Comic Rocket can now index the canonical webcomic about life in a library, Unshelved!

My mom has a Master’s degree in Library Science, so this is a topic of personal interest to me; but besides that, Gene and Bill have been putting well-developed characters in interesting situations since 2002, to entertaining results.

Of course that history does mean they’ve posted over 4,000 pages for you to read, a bit of a daunting proposition. Thank goodness you’re using Comic Rocket to mark your place, amirite?

I’d like to draw your attention especially to the Unshelved Book Club, which has weekly book reviews in comic form. Occasionally, these reviews are drawn by guest artists you may know from other webcomics, such as:

So if you enjoy books, definitely check out Unshelved!

(p.s. We’re also now indexing Bill’s other comic, Not Invented Here, about life in the software development industry. Perhaps that’s more your thing!)