Why not Donate a Banner?

Here’s a thought: Donate a TOP PAGE banner to a webcomic you support for just $50.

A big perk for our Indiegogo campaign is the offer to put a banner in our TOP PAGE rotation for one month! It’s just $50 and it’s on the first page new users usually see.

But it doesn’t have to be YOUR comic. It could be for anyone’s. Know a struggling artist you admire? This is the holiday season. Give them a banner as a gift.

In fact, if you DONATE the banner, and you don’t have art for it, and they don’t have art for it, I will personally make the art for it for you!

Heck, maybe it doesn’t have to even be a banner for a comic at all! (Just checked–Yes, it does.)

$50 bucks. That’s a LOT of Christmas cheer!