We're 91% funded! 9% To Go!

We need your help! We’re so close! $1, $2, $5, whatever you can do! Help us go over the top!

Comic Rocket is 91% funded on Indiegogo! We’ve raised over $4,500 as it stands. But we only have ONE WEEK to go!

We destroyed our 75% goal for yesterday, but it was a day late. Is it possible we make our goal by tomorrow night? Less than $500 to go! Let’s do this.

Here’s why. I want to spend my time sourcing t-shirts and packaging the digipak rather than gathering the forces to complete this crowdfund. Not that we don’t love you all, but there are even more exciting things to come.

Heck, maybe I should start talking about the stretch goals like how $2,000 over our goal gets an Android version or how another $1,500 after THAT gets us a Surface version. Maybe…nah. I’ll wait.

Unless you donate to our Indiegogo campaign and make me tell you more!


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