How did you hear about Comic Rocket?

On Twitter yesterday, I asked for people’s stories of discovering Comic Rocket and I really enjoyed the responses. So I’m sharing them with you!

How did you discover Comic Rocket? Tweet us at @mycomicrocket!

Christopher Mills (@AtomicPulp), of Perils on Planet X and more:

Caroline Johnson (@CJohnsonart), from Of Stars and Swords:

  • I found we were listed when I was googling for mentions, did my nervous research, and found out you guys were pretty cool.

Red Retro Robot (@RedRetroRobot), of Within a Mile of Home:

  • From @radio_chio ! :w [ed: of Messenger]
  • @mycomicrocket is fantastic. Not only do I catch up with comics I miss, but these guys have been serious top shelf since I’ve found em
  • Honest, straightforward and also helpful in every which way. Communicated with me since day 1. You guys are just awesome @mycomicrocket.

Andrew (@ataccounting):

  • When Felicia Day was looking. Checked you guys out. Loved what I saw. Now spend too much time on site/app

Sam Boyd (@ZaronX), of HamstaPowah:

  • The great prophet @jamey_sharp came and spread the great word.

Tomb Svalborg (@tombness), of Krig Rawr:

Sean Mc Manus (@Sean019):

  • I think I was googling to try and find a comic I had been reading a week or two before. The results were through comicRocket

Tamara Go (@CansofBeans), from Cans of Beans:

Kathy Catlin (@AlienShoresBand), of Alien Shores:

  • Here on twitter!

Michael Dambold (@michaeldamboldt), from Mayim and Gem of Atlantis:

  • twitter!

J Gray (@JGrayWebcomic), from Mysteries of the Arcana:

Miluette (@miluette), of Millennium and Lovefeast:

  • I knew about it when it was Serialist and I was still sorta updating my comics, but I don’t remember how I found THAT… [ed: probably from this post during Serialist’s private beta in 2009!]
  • I was really big on putting my comic links on any somewhat useful-looking site though lol
  • This is one of my favs; it’s really useful without being intrusive. Truly good.

Josh Triplett (@josh_triplett):

  • Well, you see, there was this thing called Serialist I worked on…

edit: In late-breaking news, here’s a bonus story from ‏@remeranAuthor, of Flavor Text:

  • @remeranAuthor: I found comic rocket because I met one of your co-founder’s college professors.
  • @mycomicrocket: Neat! Would that be Bart Massey, then?
  • ‏@remeranAuthor: That’s the one! He squinted at me for 99% of our conversation.
  • ‏@mycomicrocket: Heh! Where/when was this?
  • @remeranAuthor: This was at Beaver Bar Camp at Oregon State University in Corvallis.