Metrics are Go!

It’s a little early for me to be typing this but I can’t contain my excitement. Comic Rocket is almost ready to launch its metrics tools that we’ve codenamed The Genie. The purpose of this package is to help creators get more readers, monitor their success, and maybe even make a little money.

The Genie has several features that creators will find useful. There are charts of pageviews for their comic and the number of Comic Rocket subscribers they have. Following the graphs there is an optimization checklist to help creators raise their profile, increase their audience, and generally make it easier for readers to discover their comic. Steps include things like listing on aggregator sites, working with social media, and making money with advertising. Access to The Genie is completely free to anyone who has a comic listed and claimed on Comic Rocket.

Comic Rocket is dedicated to making tools that enable creators and readers to get the most out of webcomics. Giving The Genie to the world is just one more step in that direction.