Comic Rocket Takes Over Archive Binge

Comic Rocket has officially taken over the webcomic RSS feed tool Archive Binge.

Here’s the press release:



Comic Rocket will transition Archive Binge users to its service

Portland, OR (December 3rd, 2012) — Comic Rocket, the web’s best place to find, follow, and read webcomics, has taken over webcomic RSS feed tool Archive Binge as of December 3rd, 2012. David Morgan-Mar, the operator of Archive Binge, has retired. However, because operating Archive Binge was a labor of love, David asked Comic Rocket to continue it for him and keep providing this free service to the webcomics community.

“We are absolutely delighted to help,” said Jamey Sharp, CTO of Comic Rocket. “When he offered us the chance to keep Archive Binge going, how could we say no?”

Readers using the Archive Binge features on Comic Rocket will be notified that there are one or more pages on a creator’s site, new or back catalog, that they can read and can click through directly to the comic pages they want to read. They can add, delete, and modify the list of comics in their feed as well as their update period just like before. Previous users of Archive Binge were asked to transition from the site to the new Comic Rocket feature.

“I had been looking for a long time for someone that could take good care of my project for me,” said Archive Binge’s creator David Morgan-Mar. “When Jamey from Comic Rocket first contacted me I did a little digging and what I saw of their site made my decision easy.”

The two companies worked together to make the transition smooth for users. With the changes now in effect, the Archive Binge site redirects to Comic Rocket. As with all things on Comic Rocket it will still be completely free.

Archive Binge allows users to subscribe to a webcomic’s archive via an RSS feed that updates at a rate they choose so they can read at their own pace. This means even the longest running webcomics out there with thousands of pages can be easily digested. Users can set their custom feed to deliver one or more strips every day and they can even pause their feed. At this time comic creators have to opt-in in to Archive Binge.

Comic Rocket is a new breed of free webcomic reader that helps people find, follow, and bookmark their favorite online comics as well as access their complete archive and connect with friends while doing it. Started last year as a member of the Portland Seed Fund’s first class, the company makes access to the best comics on the web priority number one. Use the site at Follow Comic Rocket on twitter: @mycomicrocket or on Facebook at Find the crowdfunding campaign at