Imagine If You Will, The Tablet…

Imagine that it’s Wednesday. Update day. You read a few webcomics and there’s one you’re just dying to catch because a big reveal was promised. But, you’re away from your computer. What to do?

Pull out your mobile device and read it on Comic Rocket of course!

You turn it on and there’s a notification already waiting for you! You click the icon and it goes right to your newly updated comics. You click on the banner for the strip you’re reading and it loads the new one. You pinch and zoom in on the image and read the strip, dragging it around freely as you want to get a good look at the art.

All’s well, but what about the blog post? Why did he end his comic that way? Click on it like normal because you’re still on their site! Read the posts, the comments, everything the same as always because Comic Rocket is still passing the traffic through to creators!

So, you read the comic and view the site just as it was meant to be seen. Satisfied, you’re returned to the My Comics page but there’s so much more to read. Why not get a few more comics in while you’re still in line…?

You can make this scenario real with a simple contribution to Comic Rocket’s Indigogo campaign. Go here or click the widget below.