Welcome Archive Binge Users!

As some of you may know, Comic Rocket has taken over the duties of maintaining Archive Binge. AB users will begin quietly transitioning to Comic Rocket until the 24th of November. At that time we will have completely incorporated Archive Binge into our system and we will be much more public about it.

There are a few key differences between old Archive Binge and new Comic Rocket Archive Binge: chiefly, the RSS feed will now contain links to pages indexed by Comic Rocket’s reader. However, AB users should have no trouble grokking Comic Rocket as a great way to manage reading lists and archive dive anyway.

Comic Rocket is proud to be continuing Archive Binge. We feel a great honor taking the baton from a member in good standing of the webcomics community. We hope to serve you all well.

If you have any questions you can ask us at info@comic-rocket.com just like usual.