First of all, I’ve decided this page is going to get a lot more blog-y and a lot less news-y. News is hard and a ton of it is redundant. Blogs let me talk more directly to the readers without the requirement of editorial distance and that annoying objectivity thing.

So, without further ado let’s talk about what’s been going on with Comic Rocket since the San Diego Comic Con this summer

If you don’t know we’ve struck an agreement with webcomics host ComicFury. The addition of ComicFury’s comics is already performing better than we expected. We’ve read reports that it’s doubling and even tripling traffic to some comics on their site. For us, our traffic has been increasing by 20% a month since June anyway so the cross-pollination of their people along with our increased marketing and awareness efforts is paying off big time.

And of course we haven’t been sitting still on the programming side either. We’re just rolling out more subtle features as we start to backfill necessities that we’ve had to overlook until now—you know, the things that normal sites usually have. Here’s what we’ve done:

If you’re a user, what’s important to pay attention to? The TOS and Privacy Policy are pretty much the usual just to protect everyone. If you’re interested the Press Page has some nice articles and reviews about us. The About Page might clear up our mission too if you don’t already get it (you’re reading webcomics, you get it.)

If you’re a creator, there are several important things. Let’s start with our Pledge. Go read it. This is the core of our business, the whole focus on creators’ rights. Read the About Page too if you’re not clear on how we aim to help creators out with traffic and attention. And of course now you can email us to take ownership of the information listed about your comic.

That’s all for now!