About That iOS App…

It’s only been five months since our Indiegogo project completed in December, and in that time we’ve successfully delivered these rewards:

And our biggest accomplishments:

We’ve done all of this on only $7k, which as you know is not a lot of money for software development projects.

There’s only one step left before we’ve fulfilled all the promises of our Indiegogo, and that’s the Comic Rocket app for Apple’s iPad and iPhone.

Our original project proposal on Indiegogo was for the iPad and iPhone version, with Android as a stretch goal. You might wonder: Why did we release the Android app first?

We developed for Android first because we’re more familiar with it and we had a great candidate to do the work. Further, we knew that we’d have an easier job developing the iOS app if we used the Android project to work out the technical challenges of turning Comic Rocket into a mobile app first. As it turns out, we were right to be cautious: the Android version showed us that user authentication is a complicated problem, and technologies like OAuth2 are complicated solutions. Still, even with the knowledge we’ve gained from that experience, iOS development is not a trivial task.

Now we’re lining up resources to knock out the iOS app, our final commitment. Our team is enthusiastic about supporting iOS. We don’t have a release date yet, but we will get Comic Rocket natively on iPads and iPhones as soon as we can.

While you wait, why not enjoy some comics?