Goats, Gunnerkrigg & Marvel Digital Comics News

There were a few things going on in online comics over the last several weeks that we didn’t cover and they bear mentioning.

  • Goats is coming back! During his Kickstarter campaign last week, Jonathan Rosenberg, the creator of Goats promised he’d bring the suspended strip back on a weekly basis. The Kickstarter raised $55,348 of its $12,000 goal so it was funded successfully. Of course Comic Rocket will link to it when he starts again.

  • Tom Siddell, the creator of Gunnerkrigg Court said he’s going to be able to do the strip full time now. He’s quitting his job and devoting his life to his comics. No, really.

  • Marvel Comics announced at SXSW that Mark Waid was doing a digital-only project for them. It’s called AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1 INFINITE starring the cosmic character Nova and is part of their new digital Infinite Comics initiative.